Monday, September 27, 2010


Press Release in The Farmington, NM Daily News

Bergamonte is a Breakthrough Product for Healthy Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Support

HP LifeScience announces a natural product based on the Italian Fruit, Citrus Bergamot - Bergamonte™. A placebo controlled human clinical study involving 238 patients resulted in a 40% increase in HDL, a 36% decrease in LDL, a 39% decrease in Triglycerides and a 22% decrease in Blood Glucose.†

The health benefits shown are dramatically improved over phytosterols, policosanol, red yeast rice and other natural products..†  Bergamonte™ does all of this without the harmful side effects of potentially harmful, but effective, medications.†

Citrus Bergamot comes from the lime family and is not to be confused with Citrus Aurantium from China.   Citrus Bergamot does not contain Synepherine. N-methyltyramine, and Octopamine. These compounds found in Citrus Aurantium have been shown in research to constrict arteries, increase blood pressure, increase heart rate, cause heart-rhythm disorders, heart attack, and stroke.

Citrus Bergamot contains novel compounds, Melitidine and Brutelidine that have been shown in research to significantly reduce total cholesterol, LDL, Triglycerides, Blood Glucose level, while increasing HDL.

 “4 flavonoids in Citrus Bergamot are linked to 3-metil-3–hydroxy glutarile portion, which is exactly the substrate of HMG-CoA reductase, suggesting that these compounds mimic endogenous HMG-CoA substrate and interfere with the synthesis of mevalonate, a critical compound at the top of the cholesterol synthesis pathway”, explained Dr. Vincenzo Mollace MD, the lead research scientist in the citrus bergamot human clinical research.

“Clinical trial participants include patients with hypercholesterolemia, patients with both hypercholesterolemia and hypertriglyceridemia.  The trials were double blind, placebo and we now have over 500 patients in clinical studies”, said Mollace.

Bergamonte™ will be available through HP LifeScience which specializes in products for re-sale by Practitioners.  Our products are based on Premier Ingredients which target the issues of Metabolic Syndrome”, said Carlos Escalante.  “These products include LJ100™, Maqui Superberry, Paractin™, Mucuna Pruriens and Bergamonte™ for Practitioners to support their patients whole health.